Still, imposant
uraltes Wesen
Das Leben verströmend
der reinsten Art
Dieser pulsierende Fels


Calm, imposing
ancient being
exuding life
of purest kind
that pulsating rock

© Njikoha Ebigbo 2021

6 Kommentare zu “Berg

  1. Hello Njikoha,

    We met at the Bachalpsee and in the ‘Berggasthaus First’ the morning after when we had a brief but nice conversation (and exchanged cards). Lovely photos! From my location higher up the views were quite different as you can see on my website. Also my compliments for your original and stylish website, with the photography and poetry.
    All the best!

    Regards, Theo

    • Hi Theo!
      Thank you very much. Happy you looked up my website. I did have a look at your website too. I really liked the peaks in the clouds and how the light fell on them. Your detailed accounts of the placed you visit are lovely as well. Let’s keep in touch!

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